What To Say To A Girl You Like

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If you’ve been wondering if you can use “conversational seduction” tactics in order to know what to say to a girl you like… then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been in the game for long, then you’ll know that conversations are the starting point of seduction. The basic truth about attraction is that it is essential to build rapport quickly and early on in the relationship – i.e. from the moment you meet the girl. It’s much easier to seduce her if you’ve already had some basic level of rapport with her.

What I’m going to talk about in this short article are some key pointers on how you can literally talk a girl into bed using some essential (but mild) hypnosis and fractionation techniques. However, if you have some concerns over using some mildly “covert” psychology techniques in order to make a girl like you, then I’d advise you to stay away. Otherwise, discover below the four conversational attraction techniques that you can use so that you never run out of what to say to a girl that you like…

Talk Seduction Techniques – The Essentials

  • Prizing. When you’re talking to her – adopt the Prizing frame. (You’ll be familiar with this concept if you’re already a user of the Fractionation Formula, or if you’re well versed in
    Pretty Girl

    What would you say to a girl you like to make her like you back

    the art of hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming). To the layman, what this means is that the subtext of your conversation is: “I’m of higher value than you. If you want me to like you, then you have got to earn it“. This will set you miles apart from all the other guys out there.

  • Say The Unexpected. Girls are so used to think that all guys want to do is to touch them, and so you’ve got to do the opposite. Instead of trying to get frisky with her, say to her: “I’ll be watching your every move… don’t think you can get to touch me.” In other words: behave the opposite, and deliver your line in a semi-joking way. When she is laughing, chances are that she will lower down her guard, and it makes the attraction process much easier.
  • Reverse The Power Flow. Most women know that they have got the “sexual power” over men. For example, the girl usually assumes that she is the one who is going to decide if she’s going to sleep with you… or not. (You know that if you have got the knowledge of the Fractionation Formula then that’s hardly the case…!) Sure, not all girls will want to exploit this power… but most of them are aware of it. However, all women secretly desire to have this power taken “away” from them… this is so because they are so used to guys bending over backwards to please them (and to get into their panties) and that they get bored. Bottom line: “reverse” the flow of this sexual power in your conversations and she will fall all over for you.
  • Incorporate Fractionation Techniques. You should be well aware by now that you have at your disposal possibly the most powerful seduction tactic that men has invented – and the beauty of this technique is that it only depends on what you say to a girl – and it works irrespective of how you look or what your social status might be. It’s powerful, but slightly shady – use it but be responsible with it… don’t go around breaking hearts now.

Imagine the advantage that you will have if you KNOW exactly what to say to a girl to make her like you almost immediately – with the Fractionation technique you will be able to do just that. I was asked by the creators of this technique NOT to share this widely – this is understandable because the reality is that the less people know of its existence, the better it is for the rest of us. 😉

I can, however, email a video detailing this technique to whoever who asks for it (for now). All you need to do is to enter your email address below:
things to say to a woman to make her like you!

Enjoy the video, and once you watched it, go use it, and then let me know if it works for you.

– Derek Rake

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