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Open Her Box 4 May 2011 | Comments Off on Open Her Box

Want to know how to open her box? It’s pretty easy to know exactly how a woman think… as long as you know how to (and what questions to ask). There is apparently a female psychology loophole which any man can exploit to “hack” into a woman’s mind and know exactly what she’s thinking. In fact that’s what Vin DiCarlo’s “Pandora’s Box” is all about.

The theory that DiCarlo proposes is that you can easily read a woman’s mind and quickly find out what she really thinks about you. As a result, you will minimize the risk of rejection and endless frustration. So far so good. Additionally, with the “Open Her Box” techniques you’ll also be able to achieve the following:

  1. Know when you’re about to be relegated to the dreaded “friend zone”. By deciphering her verbal and non-verbal ques, you will be able to know when you are just about to be “friend zone”-ed.
  2. Get 100% certainty what she really thinks about you before you make your move… so that you totally eliminate the possibility of rejection (and embarrassment).
  3. Use cutting-edge psychology techniques and tricks to covertly persuade a woman to do things that you want her to do.

On point #3 above: it’s probably somewhat dangerous to make this information and knowledge so widely available. However, DiCarlo’s not the first who has done this (i.e. giving away potentially “dangerous” tactics involving the usage of covert psychology and female loopholes) – Derek Rake was the first who created the “Fractionation Formula” ( which is based on the usage of the fractionation technique to seduce women quickly.

Having seen Rake’s work (and used it myself), I have been making comparisons between Fractionation Formula (which is free) and Open The Box (which is paid). In the end I found that I couldn’t choose between the two – because I’ve used BOTH techniques together and they work really well in combination. Particularly, I use Pandora’s Box to first figure out what a woman REALLY thinks, and then use Rake’s Fractionation technique to “go in for the kill”. Therefore, I find it pretty pointless to prefer one over the other… simply because both work so well together! That’s really not a surprise – since both tactics are based on covert psychology and “female loophole” techniques.

If you have both methods and (more importantly) have used them in-field – just drop me an email and we can exchange notes on how to use the techniques better. In short… Open Her Box rocks, and when combined with fractionation it’s really hard to beat.

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