How To Use Fractionation On Women

Fractionation Theory 22 November 2011 | Comments Off on How To Use Fractionation On Women

Want to know how to use fractionation on women to seduce them? Read on to discover the best ways to apply the fractionation formula and get amazing results quickly. By mastering this technique, you will be able to exploit what is known as the loopholes in the female mind and make them swoon into your arms in no time at all…

How To Use Fractionation On Women

  • First, remember to obey the seducer’s credo: always leave them better than when you found them. NEVER USE FRACTIONATION WITH BAD INTENTIONS. As with any tool or technology, fractionation is morally neutral. There is the risk of potentially hurting a woman emotionally if you use this technique with malice. Some guys use this technique as a girlfriend stealer – and if you want to do this then do it honorably.
  • An easy way to apply Fractionation is to put the woman on an emotional roller coaster. The complete version is in the video which you can find here, but here’s the shortcut version:- first, get her to talk about HAPPY experiences, and then alternate with SAD experiences. Do this again and again – some hypnotists call this “confusing the emotions”. The idea here is to short-circuit her emotions so that she subconsciously lower down her barriers to you.
  • Remember that you can also create “spatial” fractionation – this is especially useful when you’re approaching a woman at the club or bar. Approach and talk to a woman, and then leave. After 10-15 minutes, approach her again – this will create an illusion of familiarity in her mind when she sees you again. Try it – it works like a charm.

Fractionation is based on the study of psychology of girls applied to dating and seduction. The truth is that nobody really knows why these female loopholes exist, but they do. So, use them to your advantage!

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