How To Meet Girls

How To Meet Girls 25 August 2011 | Comments Off on How To Meet Girls

Shy guys definitely have a disadvantage when it comes to meeting girls, but unfortunately, shyness is quite common in the male world. So, if you are a shy guy who wants to learn how to meet girls, here are some flirting tips for you.

How To Meet Girls – Use These Tips And Be Unstoppable

  • Flirting Tip #1 – Start small.

Instead of flirting with numerous girls right away, try making several female friends first. This way, you will get more comfortable talking to the opposite sex, in general.

Use Fractionation if you want to know the best way on how to meet girls!

If you don’t have a great social life, then try taking some classes, attending workshops and going to the gym, or just talk to girls at school or at work in a casual manner.

  • Flirting Tip #2 – Be yourself.

As cliched as this might sound, it is true. When learning how to meet girls, don’t pretend to be somebody else other than yourself because girls will right through that. Instead, be confident and recognize your overall value.

If you still can’t flirt with girls in the end because of your shyness, though, then try practicing in front of a mirror first. This actually helps – try it!

  • Flirting Tip #3 – Remind yourself that girls are human, too.

Yes, in the world of shy guy flirting, the best thing to remember is that girls have the same worries and insecurities as you. That’s right. You might feel shy and nervous around girls, but guess what? They might be feeling the exact same way.

So, keep in mind that girls are human beings with feelings, thoughts, goals, worries and dreams like you and you are sure to get more comfortable around them in no time.  Also, no matter what, always have fun while flirting.

As long as you believe in yourself and stay patient, you are sure to succeed at meeting girls with ease in the long run.

  • Flirting Tip #4 – Use “mind hack” techniques.

Not many guys know this, but super successful seducers use “mind hack” techniques to quickly make women attracted to them. This is by far the best method to adopt if you want to know how to meet girls and make them attracted to you… in less than 15 minutes.

One such technique, known as fractionation, is said to be the grand-daddy of all mind hack techniques, and is known to be able to make women emotionally addicted to a man.

If you decide to learn this method (a free video is found at – make sure you use it responsibly as it might cause emotional anguish to women if it’s abused.

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