Fractionation Seduction Techniques As Girlfriend Stealer

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Let me be crystal clear about this. Why even bother when there are so many unattached ladies in existence that you can go after? Having said that, I do appreciate the temptation of the forbidden fruit, and sometimes the attached woman could just be too enticing. So, if you have decided to take action and go after a woman with a boyfriend, then read on where I will give you my best strategies and tactics to get the woman….

Fractionation Seduction As A Girlfriend Stealer Technique

“Put Thoughts Into Her Mind.” You can use this fractionation seduction technique the moment you are confident that you stack up well against her boyfriend. Here is what you want to do – just ask her about what she really wants in a man. The next step is particularly sneaky – ask her to COMPARE her current partner with the perfect depiction of a boyfriend that she has described to you Getting her to be sensitive of the ideal that she has given up will put her to think that the “grass is greener on the other side” and she’ll start watching out for a boyfriend closer to her representation of an ideal man. This point is when you jump into the fray and steal her away from that loser she’s with. The Fractionation Formula goes in depth with this technique, but planting thoughts in a woman’s mind is the key to making Fractionation work.

Apply some reverse psychology. You need to confront ladies whenever an occasion to do so comes up, even when it is the negligible type of confrontation. The issues and disagreements that occur during conflict happen to greatly rile up a girl and thus raise sexual tension in the process. Make certain you do not get ladies furious while you do this, however, or else things might just definitely backfire.

“Hack into her mind”. A super effective technique to “force” a woman completely prefer you over her partner is to play mind games on her. When she agrees to be his girlfriend, things habitually start to cool down and life becomes routine (and monotonous!). For that reason, if you can be seen as a fun alternative, then she will have no choice but to spend time with you – as you are able to offer her more excitement than her poor, boring boyfriend.

“Subtle deviation.” This is where you use the “joy and grief” principle to make it joyful for her to be with you, and awful for her to spend time with him. Someone with uptight morals would perhaps refuse to use this technique because of how sneaky it could well be, but come on! You are attempting to seduce another man’s girlfriend; you shouldn’t be having any qualms with regards to morality. Just use hypnosis!

The 3 “supercharged” tricks above with fractionation seduction should give you the toolbox to seduce a woman already attached. Do not forget- if you want to make any woman adore you immediately, then you must adopt some “”supercharged”” mind control techniques and hacks to make a woman “addicted” to you psychologically. If you want to master the fractionation seduction technique, download the Fractionation Formula (which is free) here:

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